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Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase Survey

A pre-purchase survey is a thorough evaluation of the entire vessel's structure, systems, equipment and machinery which also includes detailed description of the vessel and summarizing possible recommendation required to bring the vessel to the acceptable standards. It is performed to assess the structural integrity of the vessel and asses if the vessel is an acceptable risk for underwriters. This type of survey is being conducted by SSI to provide an assessment for the insurance underwriters and financial institutions to aid them in assessing financial risks. Our survey and evaluation is limited to visual inspection. Unless being required by the insurance company and approved by ship owners, we do not perform operational testing and sea trials. However, we answer to specific instructions, which will be attended by our surveyors.

The service Survey Specialists, Inc. offers in this area is independent complete and objective and our reports are designed to meet our clients need.

Our standard report contains the following:

Vessel’s particulars, verification of ships’ certificates and licenses, vessel’s general description which includes superstructure, and engine room, general condition of hull, accommodation area, electrical and automation, navigation and radio equipment, life saving appliances, fire fighting equipments, general condition of machinery, generator and main engine compressor, spare parts, steering system and as an integral part of our report, photos/images of the vessel are also provided. As well as the appraisal of value of the vessel and its condition during inspection are also contained in our reports.