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Pre Loading - Discharge Condition Survey

Pre Loading - Discharge Condition Survey


Pre-loading survey is carried out to assess and determine the condition of the cargo prior to loading and to ascertain that all is adequate for ocean carriage. The main focus of this survey is to find out any damage so that it may be rectified at once or replaced immediately. Documentation in this phase ensures that the terminal receives all cargo in good order and isolates, if required at some later point in time, the possibilities of when and/or where a particular damage may have occurred to facilitate processing of claims. To recommend the master the cargo exception or condition as remarks in the mate’s receipt to be presented by the shipper or shipping agent. 

SSI Surveyor is to contact the local agent on the arrival of the vessel, upon arrival at the Port of Loading he will meet the Master and discussed the loading arrangement. He must also determine the quantity to be loaded, the surface condition or mechanical damage, made a report of the damage cargo. Other duties are as follows:

  • check condition of cargo
  • checking the condition of packing and packaging
  • quantity tally
  • weigh of random checking
  • monitoring to the loading operation into transportation (containers, vessel)
  • monitoring to lashing
  • securing of cargo 


The main focus of this survey is to ascertain the condition of the cargoes before commencement of discharge and after the completion of the discharge, as well as the outturn of the cargo discharged. SSI Surveyor is to carry out important responsibilities as follows:

  • For break-bulk cargo a pre-discharge inspection on the cargo stowed, report on the condition of stowing of the cargoes whether intact and properly stowed or with collapsed stowage.

  • To report on the type of securing of cargo and conduct salinity test, if the steel cargoes are in rusty or rust stained condition.

  • To monitor the cargo condition during the whole course of discharging operations and verify the outturn of cargo discharge.