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Liquefaction of Nickel Ore

Liquefaction of Nickel Ore

Nickel Ore and Iron Concentrates are dangerous solid bulk cargoes that may shift by sliding or liquefying, and whilst the factors involved in each of these processes are different, the effects are the same which may list or capsize the vessel.

SSI Surveyors has built an excellent track record in pre-loading of dangerous solid bulk cargos. In each attendance they are guided by the following specifications:

  • Assist the Master during loading operations and jointly with an officer on duty draw samples of the cargo for each and every barge loaded secured alongside the vessel, and the said sample be subjected to can test to determine whether the result would show any signs of high moisture content and if found positive to recommend that the said cargo should not be permitted to be loaded on board. This is to done during the entire course of loading operations.
  • Draw samples for analysis in the event it is required by the Principals prior to loading or vessels arrival subject however to the approval of the shipper in taking samples at their stockpiles ashore.
  • Ensure that during loading operations in the event rain occurred that all hatches of the vessel are closed to prevent the cargo from wetting as well as also ensure that the remaining cargo on board barges secured alongside the vessel are covered with tarpaulins.
  • Assist the Master in preparing an incident report in the event barges coming alongside cause damage to the vessel or the stevedores cause damaged to the vessel’s crane or part of the vessel.
  • Check the cargo Certificates issued by the Shipper to the Master if the contents or data are in accordance with the IMSBC Code relative to this cargo.
  • Inform Shippers to always submit latest Cargo Certificates as required under the IMSBC Code.
  • Carried out survey on the Shipper’s stockpiles ashore if permitted by Shipper.
  • Submit periodic reports to the Principals complete with photos of the cargo