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Investigation (Accident-Death)

Investigation (Accident-Death)

SSI has an extensive experience with investigating the causes of marine accidents. We, on SSI render investigation, report and act as a skillful witness on marine and energy casualties. Our surveyors understand both the technical and organizational aspects of operating vessels. Such experience and knowledge enables SSI to provide professional advice and reporting to the benefit of P&I clubs and ship owners.

The accident investigation is an important fact gathering process so as to establish responsibility and to prevent a reoccurrence. We assess the extent of damage to the vessel; discover what exactly caused the accident, application of the “rules of the road” and application to fault assessment against human factors and mechanical concerns.

We are capable of giving immediate response and we go beyond recording and basically reporting the physical damage, providing nonstop guidance to our principals and travel to the site of an event as quickly as possible throughout the process of casualty management.

We can thoroughly evaluate the factors as part of insurance and legal investigations in preparation for a full accident reconstruction, determine the scope of the damage, recommend a course of action and give you an estimate for repairs, having gained profound knowledge in shipyard’s practices and costing in the regions we manage.

We make comprehensive specifications on damage repairs on both hull and machinery major casualties, on which we have a particular expertise.