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Survey Specialists takes the time to qualify with Lloyds Maritime Academy

The Certificate in Cargo Surveying is an online training course delivered by tutored distance learning offering by Lloyd's Maritime Academy ideal for those planning to start or specialize in the area, who are looking for key knowledge relating to how different types of cargo are carried, as well as appreciation of the principle responsibilities and skills of the Cargo Surveyor.

The course has a duration of 12 weeks consisting of 6 syllabus or modules namely:

1. General Properties of Cargo Surveying

2. Conducting Cargo Surveys

3. Stowage and Securing of Cargo

4. Characteristics and Particular issues of Non-Liquid Cargoes

5. Characteristics and Particular Issues of Liquid Cargoes

6. Marine Insurance

In the end of each module the participants will take up an exam with a 70% passing prior to proceed to the next module. At the end of the course and passing the entire exam, the Academy will issue your Qualification Certificate for Cargo Surveying which includes the Lloyd’s badge that you can use for your qualification status such as in LinkedIn.

As Marine and Cargo Surveyors who need a continuous learning and development, we found it a very enriching experience for us.

The programme is invaluable for us in Survey Specialists Inc. (SSI), who are involved in surveying or insurance surveyors and benefit from a grounding in this expertise, allowing our surveyors to play an integral role in the global carriage of goods.

We are very grateful for the company's continuous development and enhancement of professional career and abilities of all surveyors, especially the eight (8) surveyors/participants who were able to complete and pass the online training course on Certificate of Cargo Surveying at Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, for the "Essential knowledge and skills needed to prevent and assess the damage of goods transported by sea"


Prepared by: Gerald Carl B. Gardiano
Assistant Manager - Survey Specialists Inc.


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