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Proactive during the Pandemic - SSI surveyors relocate to Surigao

The COVID pandemic has brought with it many challenges and we are very grateful to the Managers of Survey Specialists, whose quick thinking and proactive response to the shortage of domestic flights and multiple travel restrictions were posing a problem for our many survey appointments in far off regions.


With the possibility of a further extension to General Community Quarantine looming large on the horizon, SSI Manager Fredie Dalawampu and his Assistant Manager and Supervisor, Gerald Gardiano and Charlito Napa, proposed that we send five of our surveyors to sit out the two week quarantine in rented accommodation in Surigao, where many of our surveys originate.



Ably supported by SSI Treasurer, Maricel Coching and only a few short days in which to work, the five experienced surveyors completed their travel requirements, tested COVID-free and were on what ended up being the very last domestic flight to Surigao on Saturday the 13th of June. Upon arrival, the surveyors were quarantined inside the rented home, tested daily by a nurse from the local barangay and spent 14 days in complete lock down.


The two weeks of confinement ended on Saturday the 27th and the following Monday the Surveyors went to City Hall to have a final COVID-19 test. All five tested negative and three have been immediately dispatched to survey appointments in the area.


It was again announced by the Philippine Government on Tuesday that there will be a second extension of GCQ until the 15th of July, meaning that suspension of domestic flights to Surigao is still firmly in place, the next available flight appearing. via Cebu, in August. Fortunately for SSI our own surveyors, each with over 5 years experience and training with the company, Mechanical engineers, PRC license holders and, most recently, Lloyds Survey qualified are in place with all the proper documentation to attend to all of our surveys in the south.


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