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  • Guidelines for the safe carriage of Nickel Ore in the Philippines by Standard Club


    Pandiman Philippines Inc. is very proud to contribute to the article with regards to the Philippines.

  • Proactive during the Pandemic - SSI surveyors relocate to Surigao


    The COVID pandemic has brought with it many challenges and we are very grateful to the Managers of Survey Specialists, whose quick thinking and proactive response to the shortage of domestic flights and multiple travel restrictions were posing a problem for our many survey appointments in far off regions.

  • Survey Specialists takes the time to qualify with Lloyds Maritime Academy


    The Certificate in Cargo Surveying is an online training course delivered by tutored distance learning offering by Lloyd's Maritime Academy ideal for those planning to start or specialize in the area, who are looking for key knowledge relating to how different types of cargo are carried, as well as appreciation of the principle responsibilities and skills of the Cargo Surveyor.

  • SURVEY SPECIALISTS, INC. (SSI) Workshop on Pre-loading Survey of Nickel Ore conducted on 24th November 2017


    SURVEY SPECIALISTS, INC. (SSI) Workshop on Pre-loading Survey of Nickel Ore conducted on 24th November 2017 at the request of Taiyo Nippon Kisen Co., Ltd., held at their Regional Operating Headquarters, Malate, Manila, which was made possible through the initiative of Mr. Robert John A. Manzano of Pandiman Philippines, Inc. (PPI) who administered the introduction.  

  • North of England Seminar March 4 and March 5, 2015


    Andrew Kirkham, Loss Prevention Executive, and Brian McGregor, Senior Executive (Claims) conducted an excellent seminar at the Dragon Room, Pandiman Building

  • Carriage of nickelore from Indonesia and the Philippines


    Liquefaction of mineral cargoes, particularly nickel ore, have been widely publicised recently.The Association published an article by Brookes Bell in Signals 65 (October 2006) that Members are advised to refer to.The Association is very grateful to Ken Grant of Minton, Treharne & Davies (MTD) and Nicholas Crouch and Martin Jonas of Brookes Bell for providing this article, which describes in more detail the problems associated with liquefaction of nickel ore, and the difficulty in determining its moisture content and flow moisture point, and hence whether it is safe to carry.

  • Liquefaction of unprocessed mineral ores - Iron ore fines and nickel ore


    Liquefaction of mineral ores, resulting in cargo shift and loss of stability, has been a major cause of marine casualties for many decades. Recent problems, already leading to several total losses this year, have primarily involved the carriage of unprocessed natural ores such as iron ore fines from India and nickel ore from Indonesia, the Philippines and New Caledonia. The main cause of casualties and near misses is the poor compliance of shippers with the testing and certification requirements that are designed to ensure that cargoes are loaded only if the moisture content is sufficiently low to avoid liquefaction occurring during the voyage.

  • Surigao, Philippines - Attack on Nickel Ore Mines


    It has been just over a week since rebel forces of the New Peoples Army (NPA) attacked nickel ore mines in the Surigao region, including attacks at Taganito Mining Corp and PGMC. There have been no further attacks to date. The areas around Surigao, where loading is normally undertaken, are remote and away from main mine offices and infrastructure (the three attacked were on the coast of mainland Mindanao). Operations take place on deserted islands with very limited equipment. The mines which were attacked had considerable damage to infrastructure, administration buildings, laboratories, depot for heavy equipment and, in the case of TMC, a smelting plant which was in the process of being built. The rebels hit these targets to cause financial damage to the mine owners. There was also damage to local tugs, barges and landing craft.