Manila Office
Tel. Nos. (0632) 527-5841 to 43

Cebu Office
Tel. Nos. : (06332) 254-8849


  • Marine and Cargo Surveyor for Cebu Office


    • Carry out full Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Pre-Entry Condition Surveys
    • Conducts On-Hire and Off-Hire bunker surveys
    • Conducts hatches/holds or any compartments watertightness by way of using the latest ultrasonic equipment
    • Conducts pre-loading survey of liquid bulk cargoes including pressurized, i.e. coconut oil, palm oil, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, aqua ammonia, anhydrous ammonia, LPG. LNG and Monomer.
    • Conducts initial and final draft surveys in determining the quantity loaded/discharge to/from the vessel, carry out sampling of cargo and submit to competent laboratory for analysis.
    • Conducts pre-loading and discharging survey on steels products, i.e. cold rolled, hot rolled, pipes and bars
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